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Willkommen zu Moorea Eco Tour – Cata Manu

This small business is run by Maire Temauu. Born and raised in Moorea, Maire knows his lagoon as only a boy who grew up with boats and surfboards on this idyllic island can: with authenticity, instinct and passion. He has been doing this eco-tour business for over twenty years. You can therefore trust this Aquaman, a real man of the lagoon, to guide you with kindness and enthusiasm during your crossing.

He will take you to meet the marine creatures and will share with you stories, explanations and anecdotes drawn from his experience so that your excursion can be as entertaining as it is instructive.

To welcome you, Maire has an adventure companion: Manu, his thirty-six foot catamaran. With its spacious size and awning for sun protection, Manu is a stable and comfortable boat that presents itself as a great ally to help you experience a special moment on the waters of Moorea.

Maire and his catamaran await you at Tiahura Beach in Hauru.
They will take you to discover Moorea’s bays, the most beautiful areas for snorkeling and the areas where you can meet the magnificent creatures that inhabit our waters.

The Manu boat is also available for sunset cruises and private charters.

Whatever excursion you choose, rest assured that Maire will guide you with pleasure and professionalism and will undoubtedly awaken in you an unquenchable passion for the marine environment and its wildlife!

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